Cooperation with the Italian organization Un Punto Macrobiotico (UPM) PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 March 2011 23:27

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology signed an MOU with the Italian organization Un Punto Macrobiotico (UPM) to carry out a cooperative program that deals with the utilization of natural products including agricultural and other natural substances. The organization UPM was founded in Italy a long time ago by Mari Pianesi, the President of the UPM, who in the year 2000 proposed the mixed Ma-Pi (stands for Mario Pianesi) reforestation and the Ma-Pi diets; in particular Ma-Pi diet 2 for diabetes

GLOWA – Jordan River II- Phase II Climate Change Modeling PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 May 2011 05:22
In the second Phase of GLOWA-Jordan River, PALAST continued the progress in working on the different climate change scenarios. PALAST worked in cooperation with PIK using the STAR statistical downscaling model and running simulations based on the ECHAM4.0 model run that used SRES A1B-Scenario for the domain chosen that extends 29o -34o and from 34o -36o Latitude and Longitude respectively on an 8km x 8km grid resolution. Two runs were done for two time slices, the first with climate observation parameters that covers the period 1958 – 1996 using data from the PIK meteorological data bank in order to develop the trend needed for the simulated time slice. The second run simulates the climate trend for the time slice 2007 – 2045. The two sets of data include the following:

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