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Sunday, 06 March 2011 23:38

In the 3rd project Meeting in Athens during 16-17 July 2009 it was agreed that the directory of organizations should be updated, the aim of which is to identify suitable/promising research organisations in the MPC and EU for joining the network and to record the capabilities of the identified research organisations in an EU-MPC Research Directory. Only organisations can apply for new projects, and this is why we are registering the organisational profile. Thus the MPC Directory has been re-organized to give focus on organizations,

not only individual researcher.


The harmonized policy paper renamed to “Harmonized Policy Paper: Review and Analysis of MPC strategies and policies” addresses both the European Commission and the MPC policy makers. This policy paper is based on available and accessible information and documents in the countries. Policy makers were encouraged to identify other relevant documents in the meetings to be held with them per country. The harmonized policy paper should inform the Commission which are the common ICT priorities of the countries, and propose measures for enhancing R&D collaboration with the region. On the other hand, it can inform MPC policy makers which are the main gaps in their current policies and what measures they could take in order to enhance collaboration with Europe. Developing the final ICT (Harmonized) Policy Paper will include recommendations at a national level, MPC (intra-regional) level and EU-MPC level. MPC will develop recommendations targeting national policy makers.

The next steps for the policy dialogue will be to start developing some concrete recommendations/proposals for enhanced EU-MPC collaboration that could be in the direction of specific initiatives rather than a complete strategy as mentioned during the policy dialogue session discussion.

During the 6th Project Meeting in Beirut through 21-22 May 2010 it was decided that the 2nd Networking Event will be held in Tunisia on 2-3-4 December 2010. In addition to the 4 scheduled networking events in the project, ITC has submitted proposals for a networking session where the main aim of the session is networking among researchers.
This networking session is within the ICT Event 2010 in Brussels from 27-29 September 2010 (Establishing the EU-Mediterranean ICT Research Network) and it has been accepted. It is considered as a major EU dissemination event where all partners will participate with a researcher who comes from strong research institutes (PALAST nominated Mr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh from QOU) where they are expected to briefly introduce themselves (in terms of research topics involved) and their institution. The idea behind is to show that there is indeed an excellent potential in the MPC region. The researcher should also submit a brief report to the project partner on his activities in the Conference, who he met and which sessions he attended.


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