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Sunday, 08 May 2011 11:24

The Academy secretary general, Dr. Imad Khatib, paid a visit to the Jordan Higher Council of Science and Technology in September 2008 where he met Dr. Anwar Batikhi, the HCST Secretary General

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Sunday, 08 May 2011 10:24

SRA workshops for MED-IST

Three researchers participated in the three thematic SRA workshops for the MED-IST project. The first workshop under the title “Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures” was held in Morocco on the 9th of April 2009. The second one under the title “Digital Libraries and Content” was held in Jordan on the 30th of March 2009 and the third workshop under the title “Towards sustainable and personalized healthcare” was held in Lebanon on the 26th of March 2009. Two researchers from Palestine participated in the first two workshops respectively; Mr. Kamal Darwish from Paltel and Mr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh from Alquds Open University.
Mr. Fuad Al Hanash (Palestine Red Crescent Society)was to participate in the third workshops but unfortunately issuing the visa for lebanon did not go smoothly.

MED-IST Final conference – (Cairo/May 18-19 2009)

The MED-IST consortium, including the Academy, has organized the Final Conference in Cairo-Egypt during the period 18-20 May 2009. The conference has been an exciting event with around 150 participants from nearly all the Mediterranean region. In particular two long panel discussions not only induced a very lively discussion but also brought up a number of interesting ideas that are worthwhile pursuing in the future. The Academy has actively participated in the first panel which was titled “the research opportunities in the Arab region – status, obstacles and ideas.” The conference was concluded with a draft funding proposal that was developed by Morocco. On 20th May, the final review meeting took place. The final review concluded that the MED-IST project has achieved its original objectives and that all deliverable within the project were clear and comprehensive. The positive final review was reflected on the newly initiated JOIN-Med project which when implemented will build on the achievement of MED-IST. Documents of the project and further links can be found in the project web site or directly at

Join-MED 1ST Network event – (Jordan/3-5 December 2009)

Dr. Ayman Haj Daoud represented PALAST in JOIN-MED 5th meeting in Amman Jordan that was organized along with the first network event for the project. There will be four networking events throughout the project life. The first event focused on three challenges; Digital Libraries and Technology Enhanced Learning (Chall 4); Patient Safety - not general eHealth (Chall 5) ; ICT for mobility, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency (Chall 6) ]. Five researchers interested in the challenges above (who are registered in the directory ( were nominated by PALAST to participate in the event and to join the network with other researchers from MPC and Europe to interact and exchange ideas and proposals. Our five researchers were Mr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh (Alquds Open University), Mr. Bahgat Ayasi (Alquds University) , Dr. Nidal Kafri (Alquds University), Dr. Muath Sabha (Arab American University of Jenin), Mr. Mohammed Aldasht (Palestine Polytechnic University). In this meeting there was also a session for policy makers from each MPC country to discuss the harmonized policy that was collected and analyzed by different national polices to each country. Dr. Safa’ Naser Elden and Mr. Maher Shalabi (PITA) participated from Palestine.


UPM workshops

1. Italy meeting

The president of the UPM organization has extended an invitation to the Academy Secretary General to participate as a keynote speaker in the UPM-UNESCO-FAO Congress on Environment, Agriculture, Food, Health and Economic that took place at the Aula Magna Hall of the University of Rome 1 “La Sapienza” in Rome-Italy on 15-17 October 2009. Dr. Khatib presented a paper titled “Climate Change: a sustainable development nightmare!” A meeting with delegation from Tunisia, Libya and Cote Devoir has been convened to strengthen the cooperation while discussing the implementation of the Ma-Pi diet for healing the diabetes type 2. It was agreed to have a workshop in Palestine during the coming three months where officials from the ministries of Health and Agriculture and physicians from hospitals and healthcare centers can attend to discuss with the UPM scientific committee the implementation of the project in Palestine.

2. Palestine Workshop

In October 2009, PALAST, in cooperation with the Italian organization Un Punto Macrobiotico (UPM), organized a workshop on the use of organic food to treat diabetes (type 2). This workshop was held at the Red Crescent society headquarters in Al Biereh, Ramallah with representations from both, the Palestinian ministry of health and the ministry of Agriculture.
Mr. Giovanni Bargnesi, UPM general secretary explained the success stories after the implementation of this project in different countries and gave presentations on how the organization developed and grew. A cook, from Italy (UPM) accompanying Mr. Bargnesi cooked samples of the food and all the attendance had the chance to try some.
There were also two presentations, one from Dr. Faisal Abdel Latif from the ministry of health regarding diabetes in Palestine and the second presentation from Mr. Sami Musa from the ministry of Agriculture regarding cultivating organic seeds in Palestine and the chances for the success of the planting.
At the end of the workshop all three parties, PALAST, ministry of health and the ministry of Agriculture emphasized on working together in implementing this project together with UPM.

ESCWA / Lebanon – November 2009

The United Natios Economic and Social Commission of West Asia has invited the Academy for a kick off meeting in November 2009 that concerns the establishmnt of a hub STI observatory in ESCWA’s headquarter in Beirut-Lebanon that serves the West Asia countiries. The Academy was chosen by ESCWA to establish an national observatory and a node for STI. The meeting which was held in Beirut in November 2009 assessed the needs for establishing STI observatory and how to cooperate among the ESCWA countries and with the STI hub. Officials from Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria have participated in the kick-off meeting in addition to the UNESCO. It was decided to organize a trainig workshop for the partners presnted on the role of STI observatory and how to set up it up nationally.

FEMME/ ITALY- December 2009

In a response to the invitation directed to the Secretary General by the Abdulsalam Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste Italy, the Academy has participated in a consortium from Egypt’s Bibliotheca Alexandria, Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), The International Schools for the Advanced Studies (SISSA) and the Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS). The consortium was set in response to the EU’s request to conduct a qualitative and quantitative study on the status of women in science in the Arab world. During the meeting, which was convened in October 3rd 2009, a proposal documents were developed and submitted later for the EU Framework Program (FP7). If funded, the project will assess the segregation of women in science in both horizontal and vertical levels in all life aspects and will identify the role of women in STI with a comparative analysis with the status in the EU Member States and the Associated Countries.

Quds meeting/ Dec. 2009

The initial findings of the study that was initiated by PALAST in cooperation with the MEHE, under the title “Assessing the reality of Jerusalemites academics: to study the obstacles they face and the means by which to mitigate these constraints”, were discussed in a meeting organized by PALAST on the 26th of December 2009. Representatives from Alquds University, AlNajah National University, Polytechnic University, Birzeit University, and Hebron University attended the meeting that discussed the draft report done by the academy with the initial findings.
The meeting was concluded by coming up with recommendations that will be followed up by the committee and one mission is to build a database that will be of use to integrate more results in the future.

Kick off meeting of Mediterranean Information Society Technologies Project (JOIN-MED)

The Academy, being the main Palestinian partner of the project, has participated in the kick-off meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership project, which took place in Tunis, Tunisia, on the 11th and 12th of February 2009 with overwhelming participation of the project partners from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and Germany. The meeting was opened by H.E. Mrs. Lamia Chaffai Sghaier, the Secretary of State for the Information Technology, internet and Open Source, who endorsed the project and gives the support to its work-packages that is considered very important on national level. Dr. Imad Khatib, PALAST Secretary General, presented a short profile and relevant country information on ICT in Palestine

Three researchers participated in the three thematic SRA workshops for the MED-IST project. The first workshop under the title “Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures” was held in Morocco on the 9th of April 2009.

STIO in ESCWA Member Countries (Phase II) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 May 2011 11:09

The ICT Division of UN-ESCWA organized the second phase of a workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation Observatories (STI) in ESCWA Member Countries, in Beirut, during 18-20 January 2010.

Mediterranean Scientific Conference - GID -PARMENIDES 4, “Water and sanitation: issues and health risks in the Mediterranean Basin Countries”, November 22-25, 2011, Rabat, Morocco PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 18:13

The 4th Mediterranean Scientific Conference - GID – Parmenides is organized by The Inter-Academic Group for Development GID –Academy of sciences (France), Academy of Hassan II for sciences and technology (Morocco) , National Academy of Medicine and Technology in France, with the support of the National Office of drinking Water (ONEP) and the National Institute of Hygiene (INH) of Morocco and the participation of the Arab Water Academy (AWA)

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