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Saturday, 05 March 2011 09:17

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology introduced a new and unique step in the environmental field in Palestine, by establishing the first Palestinian Environmental Field Center (EFC). The Environmental Field Center, which is located in the Jericho District, reknown for its historical value and biological diversity,

aims to:
  • Promote environmental awareness among Palestinians with an emphasis on conservation of ecologically sensitive areas and archeological sites.
  • Promote regional eco-tourism and stimulate the local economy.
  • Promote regional cooperation on environmental issues through teacher and scientist exchanges between schools and universities, joint projects between field study centers and universities, transfer of technology, and exchange of data.
  • Link local, regional and international researchers in their struggle to find technical solutions to environmental problems.
  • Conserve endangered fauna and flora species.
  • Promote models of large scale resource management including a composting model and recycling facilities, a water purification plant, solid waste landfill models, a solar hybrid system, and an eco-farm for educational and research purposes.
  • Promote models for household resource management including reusing, recycling, and composting of organic waste.


The center will include the following facilities:

  • Library.
  • Resource Management Models, including plants for composting, water purification and solid waste landfills.
  • Seminar Hall.
  • Computer Center, and online databases in the field of water and environment.
  • Migrating Bird Station .
  • Camping Site with tents.
  • Fossil Exhibition.
  • Cafeteria, which will provide healthy food.

It targets a wide audience including school groups, teachers, and researchers who will conduct experiments, collect data and implement environmental projects using the Environmental Center.

Currently, several databases (institutional, Human Resources, research projects and technical data) in the field of water and the environment in Palestine are being set up to be linked to the EFC website, funded by the GLOWA Jordan River part 2. This will render those data available to all stakeholders.


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