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The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology can attract scientists and experts in the different fields of Science and Technology as Associates. The Academy’s Science Council is entitled to nominate persons who possess a certain expertise not present in the Science Council in order for them to assist the Academy and Council in specific research, projects and other activities.

Those Associates will serve the Science Council and the Academy under the umbrella of the Academy. Associates are members of the Science Council and will, therefore, be incorporated in the eight science classes. The Associates and Fellows will have access to Junior Associates for assistance.

Junior Associates

Junior Associates are young and bright scientists/experts with enormous potential but limited opportunities due to their lack of experience. At the initiative of such a group of young experts, the Palestine Academy added this sub-category to the Associates. For the Associates it is a possibility to gain experience in their field and further build their capacity, to network with both their peers and the established personalities in their science field and to familiarize themselves with the professional world. The Academy can assist by facilitating and coordinating suggested activities, by mobilizing external funding and internal resources and by making its facilities available. The Academy benefits from the Junior Associates in terms of having an expert pool of human resources at their disposal.

Core-Group on Water & Environment

This group consists of four Junior Associates, Muath Abu Sadeh, Subha Ghannam, Ashraf A. Isayed and Subhi Samhan.

Water scarcity and environmental pollution are two of the most sensitive dilemmas that are in need of immediate attention in Palestine. This core-group on water and environment, therefore wants to help encourage water conservation and protection of the environment. Therefore, they will set up an environmental management program at the Environmental Field Center (EFC) in Jericho.

Their activities include the installation of a weather station; wastewater treatment; solid waste management; developing water conservation programs; setting up a Water and Environment Library and relevant databases; and conducting environmental awareness campaigns and developing training programs for pupils and students.