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Sunday, 13 March 2011 12:25

Dr. Ayman Rabi Ayman I Rabi, is one of the founders of the Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) in 1987, has got an MSc in Water Resource System Engineering from Newcastle Upon Tyne University– UK in 1993 and Got a PhD in Water Resources Engineering from Washington International University in 1999 and got an MBA from Kellogg – Recanati in 2008. He has various skills in water related issues and strategies with more than 19 years experience in this area.

He has supervised the execution of most of the water resources development and research projects implemented by PHG over the past 19 years. He also serves as local consultant for several local and international agencies. He has attended more than 25 international conference and workshop related to water and environment. He also has more than 15 publications. He participated in several local, regional and international research related to water and environment mainly funded by EU, such as Med Water Policy, Passive Humidity Harvest, WASAMED, EMPOWERS, etc. He was a member of Sustainable Water Supply Committee for the Middle East, sponsored by the US National Academy of Sciences. The committee has produced a report on water resources and their utilization patterns in the region and published by the U. S. National Academy of science. He also is an active member in many environmental networks at local and international levels. He has also been a member of the Palestinian Team to the multilateral working group on water sector within the Middle East Peace Talks.


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