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By the honorary title of Fellow the Academy recognizes members of established reputation who have made outstanding contributions to Science and Technology.

The Academy Fellows are divided into eight classes:

  1. Food and Drug Technology
  2. Medical and Health Sciences
  3. Energy and Natural Resources
  4. Innovative Technologies’ Engineering
  5. Natural and Physical Sciences
  6. Economic and Social Sciences
  7. Industrial Productivity and Material Technology
  8. Water Resources and Environment


The Academy invites academics, scientists or experts (m/f):
• Who have performed significant service to the fields of Science and Technology;
• Who have the Palestinian nationality;
• Who are not older than 65 years.

Candidates can be recommended by universities, research institutes, and three of their peers through the submission of a nomination form in the first quarter of each year.  After review of the candidates, the Science Council will recommend maximum two persons to the President of the Academy who will invite those persons to become an Academy fellow.

The Academy can only grant two Fellow titles a year and will make sure its selection reflects gender awareness and the different fields in Science and Technology.


• Fellows are entitled to elect the Chairman of their science class;
• Fellows can submit their candidacy for Chairman of their Class;
• Fellows can nominate one foreign academic, scientist, or expert a year for Honorary Membership;
• Fellows can together with two peers nominate a person for the honorary title of Fellow;
• Fellows will be invited by the Academy to participate in both national and international workshops, conferences and  meetings relevant to their field or be consulted to nominate a replacement;
• Fellows will be invited to attend Academy workshops, especially designed to their needs;
• Fellows will participate in shaping the Academy’s policy in their relevant class;
• Fellows will be able to present topics on which the Academy should lobby the government;
• Fellows will have access to Junior Associates for assistance in their field;
• Fellows will enjoy free membership of the Academy and be entitled to all the Academy’s mailings;
• Fellows will receive incentives, decided upon by the Academy President.

All Fellows will also receive a certificate.


Fellows are encouraged to be active participants in the life of the Palestine Academy, and to apply their experience and weight towards advancing the Academy’s role and efforts in Science and Technology on the national level by serving the Academy’s Science Council and by networking with the relevant national institutions.


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