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Directors Board

  • President: Prof. Marwan Awartani
  • Secretary General: Prof. Imad Khatib
  • Legal advisor: Adv. Nasser Rayyes
  • Treasurer: Adv. Naser Rayes
  • Human Sciences Coordinator: Dr. Munther Dajani
  • Natural Sciences Coordinator: Dr. Radwan Barakat

     Academy Divisions:

-   Public and International Relations

-   Finance and Administration

-   Publication and R&D Affairs

-   S&T policy and consultation


Academy Science Council:

      The Council consists of the Academy President, the Academy Secretary General and eight Chairmen, elected by the Academy Fellows, distinguished Palestinian Scientists, who represent the eight classes of the Academy:

  1. Food and Drug Technology
  2. Medical and Health Sciences
  3. Energy and Natural resources
  4. Innovative Technologies’ Engineering
  5. Natural and Physical Sciences
  6. Economic and Social Sciences
  7. Industrial Productivity and Material Technology
  8. Water Resources and Environment

 The Science Council puts forward the Academy’s Scientific Policy, supervises the Academy’s publications and periodical and establishes a mechanism to activate Scientific Research.


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