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Assessing Innovation in Industries - Case Study in Stone and Marble and Food and Beverage sectors

  • performed by conducting, implementing and analyzing the community innovation survey (CIS) on two major Palestinian industrial sectors; namely the quarrying and stone fabrication, and the food and beverages
  • covering the observation period 2006-2008.
  • The CIS describes the innovation process, measure its economic weight, evaluate its effects, and appraise its mechanisms (cooperation, resources, obstacles, etc) over a certain period of time.
  • The results brought are very promising indicators and show high innovative potentials in both sectors. Employment, export, and revenues are clearly improved for innovative enterprises.
  • It is found that lack of cooperation between the industrial sector and the higher education and research and development institutions is a major problem that should be tackled in order to strengthen the enterprises ability to innovate.

Knowledge production

  • The STIO is currently conducting special surveys concerning knowledge production in national institutions, private higher education institutions, research centers and institutions of civil society where these surveys aim to measure knowledge production and to identify its components.
  • This information is very useful in assessing the national output of scientific research and performance. The information collected will be published on the website and will also be distributed to the national institutions concerned.

Innovation in Palestinian Pharmaceutical Industries

As Pharmaceutical industrial sector is an important and promising sector, the STIO, has started recently conducting and implementing the community innovation survey (CIS) on the six major premises. This activity is implemented in cooperation with the Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries. 

Innovation in Palestinian Software Developing Companies

 STIO in addition to the above mentioned activities was conducted the community innovation survey (CIS) concerning ICT Software Developer in cooperation with Palestinian IT Association of companies (PITA).

Diaspora Palestinian Scientists and Experts Database (PSEDB)

  • PALAST is now seeking to involve the diaspora of Palestinian scientists, researchers and experts in the process of strengthening research and higher education in Palestine. For this purpose, PALAST is building the “Palestinian Scientists and Experts Database” (PSEDB) in cooperation with All European Academies (ALLEA).
  • The PSEDB will be maintained by the recently established “STI Observatory” (STIO) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission of West Asia (ESCWA).
  • In pursuing PSEDB, PALAST will make use of its membership in international consortiums, such as IAP, IAMP, NASIC, HRN, COSTIS and EMAN.  




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