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The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology was established in 1997 as a national umbrella organization for science, technology and innovation (STI). PALAST was mandated in 2004 as an advisory institute for governmental and other relevant institutions in issues related to science and technology. PALAST has implemented several projects and programs in partnership with Palestinian universities, research centers, governmental institutions, non-governmental institutions and private sector. Funds comes from projects and programs that PALAST initiates and implements in bi- or multilateral levels (e.g. European Framework Programs 5,6 and 7, German Ministry of Education and Research, United Nations Development Program, PA, etc.).

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The STIO is currently conducting special surveys concerning knowledge production in national institutions, private higher education institutions, research centers and institutions of civil society where these surveys aim to measure knowledge production and to identify its components.

click here to download the excel sheet of the knowledge production survey (Arabic version)

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The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology would like to reach Palestinian scientists, experts and researchers in Palestine to build Palestinian Scientists and Experts Database (PSEDB) that will enable PALAST to keep links with Palestinian scientists and experts and that will enable networking among them from one hand and between them and Palestinian institutions seeking expertise.


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