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Palestine Academy has deeply honoured that Mario Pianesi, Prof. Adnan Mjalli and Prof. Adnan Badran accepted our invitation to become an Honorary Members of the academy. 


Mario Pianesi

(Conceiver, Founder and President of UPM – Un Punto Macrobiotico)

Born in Tirana in April 1944, with his mother from Montenegro  and his father from theMarche Region (Italy). He has received an altruistic education and he is an autodidact.

1970 He conceives and organizes evening courses and studies on nutrition.

1972 He introduces traditional vegetables that had been removed from the market into the territory of the Marche Region. He prepares wild seeds with help from his father. He begins a study on Water. First studies on the cell.

1973 Upon request, he disseminates vegetarian diets in 40 Italian provinces.

1974 He reads and studies the book “Zen Macrobiotics” by G. O. .. Read More

Prof. Adnan Mjalli (New Honorary Member)

Dr. Mjalli is an internationally recognized expert in business of drug discovery and development of new medicines in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Dr. Mjalli is the founder, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of TransTech Pharma, Inc. and High Point Pharmaceuticals, both of which are drug discovery and development companies of novel medicines. Dr. Mjalli is also a founder and Chairman of High Point Clinical Trials Center (HPCTC) Inc., a clinical trials research center that conducts human clinical trials. In addition, Dr. Mjalli is a founder and Chairman of the Board and former President and CEO of PharmaCore Inc., a drug manufacturing company... Read More

Prof. Adnan Badran(New Honorary Member)

Prof. Badran obtained his BSc. from Oklahoma State University, USA (1959), and his MSc. (1961) and PhD. (1963) both, from Michigan State University, USA. He has been awarded an Hon. Doctorate from the Sung Kyuakwan University (1981), Seoul, Republic of Korea, and Hon. Science Doctorate from Michigan State University (2007). He received West Watkins distinguished lectureship award from Oklahoma State University (2009), USA.

A professor for forty-five years, he was Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Jordan (1971-1976), and then President of Yarmouk University and Technology University, Jordan (1976-1986) ... Read More




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